At Horrocks, the oohs and ahhs often begin before you even bring the plants home. Lush, green, and changing with the seasons, we've earned a spot as one of Grand Rapids' favorite sources staples like garden seeds, grass seed, fertilizers, mulch, soil additives and our premium custom blend potting soil, all this along with an impressive selection of beautiful value priced glazed ceramic pots and other various containers.

Highlight your outdoor living space with more fun garden accessories such as wind chimes, decorative mats and flags. We also specialize in birding supplies with a unique selection of bird feeders and bird feed. Much of our bird seed is available in large bags as well as bulk bins where you can scoop just the right amount. You will also find premium quality dog treats and dog food from Diamond and Taste of the Wild. In other wordsWe work hard to keep our garden center thriving all year long, watering, trimming and fertilizing daily. We work just as hard to bring you the knowledge and supplies you need to keep your home and garden beautiful, too.