At Horrocks, we invite you to indulge, expand, and celebrate your sense of taste. Pick up the essentials, then wander through our grocery, treat, and meat departments, where you can discover a new olive oil, organic cereal, chocolate-dipped treats, imported European cookies, or locally raised poultry on every trip. From one aisle to the next, Horrocks has literally thousands of ways to make you say, "Mmmm."

Flower, eggs and the best locally produced milk at a great price? Yes we’ve got those! But where else can you find the wide range of specialty groceries we bring to you?

Our shelves are stocked with all sorts of culinary treasures, including German, Italian, Dutch, Asian, and Mexican favorites, fine oils and vinegars, organic foods, unique condiments, pastas, pickles, teas, natural cereals, frozen foods, and gluten-free, sugar-free, or no sugar added products. In fact, there are far too many to mention, so please, come explore, ask questions, and discover something new and special to enjoy.