There's one place in town where it's always warm and cheery, no matter the weather or time of year! Inside the Horrocks greenhouse, you'll find plants in a thousand shades of green and every color of the rainbow. We stock a nearly uncountable number of plants during all seasons of the year. We've got colorful annuals, perennials, tropicals, and seasonal favorites such as primrose, cyclamen, mums, and poinsettias. We carry classic houseplants like peace lilies, ferns, and African violets as well as more modern, trendy plants such as the fiddle leaf fig, Chinese money plant, succulents, air plants, and more - all at surprisingly low prices! If you're looking for a particular color, bloom time, sun, or shade lover, heirloom, or anything else, just ask. We'll help you find a winner - and even custom wrap it with a bow if you'd like.

Horrocks is proud to say the majority of our plants come from local Michigan growers.