What's for dinner? Stop by the Horrocks Market Meat Department, featuring a Full-Service Meat Counter. It's buying meat the way it should be: cut to order by our experienced meat cutters, neatly wrapped in butcher paper and ready to cook right away or freeze for later, with all your questions regarding cooking instructions or recommendations answered by our friendly counter staff. The case features USDA Choice, Chairman's Reserve, and Locally Raised Melody Bee Farms Beef and Pork. Also featured is a wide array of ready-to-cook items like steak pinwheels, stuffed chicken breasts, marinated chops and steaks, gourmet burgers, stuffed pork chops, and so much more! And of course, our Horrocks' Own fresh sausages - choose from nearly 20 varieties in the case or ask our staff about the other flavors available for pre-order!

Hosting a holiday meal or family barbecue this year? Stop in and talk to us about the many options we'll have available, such as turkeys, pork crown roasts, standing rib roasts, juicy steaks and more!

So if you're ready for a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, stop in and check out the Horrocks Market Meat Department!